Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing & Bird Deterrents Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Bird Proofing with SkyeSafe

Bird proof your property with the experts at SkyeSafe. Though it is no secret that birds are magnificent creatures and play their own crucial roles on this earth, they can quickly become a nuisance if they are wreaking havoc on your property.

Since 2012, we have been bird proofing across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, applying our 20 years’ experience to each area that we have the honour of working with. We are completely devoted to protecting your property, crops, home and more, and our bird proofing system is just one way to do this.

Why consider bird proofing?

Bird proofing from SkyeSafe is a fantastic idea if you are looking to achieve less:

  • Mess
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Noise
  • Blocked drains
  • Property damage

How SkyeSafe Can help

Solar Panel Proofing

An effective solution will that will protect wiring and components, prevent the pest birds from nesting and associated bird mess whilst reducing noise and debris.​

Bird post and wire systems

This classic wire system is an ideal method to prevent the likes of pigeons and seagulls from roosting on the ledge of your building.


Effective and long lasting, our quality polyethylene bird netting will put an end to your troubles.

Gull and pigeon spikes

The gull and pigeon spikes are a very effect way of deterring birds from perching and roosting.

Falconry response

Using an apex predator to deter problematic birds such as pigeons, gulls and corvids.

Nest and egg removal

(subject to licensing) Removing nests and eggs on roof top gutter lines and unwanted areas.

Bird free gel

Bird Free is used to deter feral pigeons from roosting or nesting on buildings and structures.

SkyeSafe is professional, reliable, and experts within the field. If your frustrations have exceeded beyond tolerable, it is time to call on our bird proofing service. We would be more than happy to take care of one-off jobs, regular contract work or assist on a subcontract basis.

We will first begin with a comprehensive survey of the areas you are having problems with. SkyeSafe is proud to boast the highest development in technology as an assistant – Aerial Drones will allow access into the areas that are too difficult to reach, and will save the time and hassle caused by ladders and scaffolding.

In addition, we will be able to show you exactly what is happening on screen! As our bird proofing customer, you will finally have an insight into what exactly has been causing your problems. You can make an enquiry by contacting us via email at [email protected] or calling Grant Slater on 07535 979866.